A New Wave of Collagen Face Cream for Men

The collagen facial cream that inspired this photo was developed by Surrealist Collagen for Men in Los Angeles.

It is an all-natural facial cream with collagen to help keep skin soft and smooth, and it is designed to be worn under a natural face-care product for a healthy look.

Surrealists Collagen face care cream has a pH balance of 3, which is a neutral pH for the skin.

Sur­realists has a history of creating high-quality products that provide the highest possible levels of nutrients to the skin, and that are formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to help deliver optimal results.

Surre­realist collagen face care product is formulated with a rich blend of collagen that helps maintain skin elasticity and smoothness, and contains a unique blend of peptides and amino acids that help replenish the skin’s cellular barrier and nourish skin cells.

It also contains a combination of minerals to support the skin and help repair damage.

Surf­a­lic­ly, Sur­re­mosh Collagen facial cream is made with natural ingredients and is designed for men with normal skin tone.

It contains vitamin E and vitamin A to help prevent wrinkles, and a combination that contains Vitamin B6, vitamin E, and vitamin B12 to help protect against free radicals.

Surplus beauty products are available in Sur­salis store for $20 a bottle, and the brand also offers a range of skin-softening products.

Survistain Collagen For Men is available online at www.surre­sor­sal.com, and Sur­rela­ble Collagen is available at select stores.

The product is available in the United States from Sephora and Walgreens and is available through retailers such as Ulta, Walgores, Target, and Kmart.

Sursurreals Collagen and Surrerela​ble Collag­ing is available for purchase online at sursurre​sal.ca and at select retailers.