TLC is back! TLC airs new episode with the latest collagen supplement

TLC has been on a tear recently.

The popular reality show premiered a new episode this past Sunday with an all-new episode titled, “The Latest In Collagen.”

The new episode features a new collagen supplement called Natura Collagen and is also packed with information on the benefits of collagen supplements.

The episode is a great introduction to collagen supplements as the producers highlight their product line.

TLC also shows the latest information on collagen products in the latest issue of TLC Magazine.

The latest collagen supplements can be purchased on TLC’s website for $39.95 a pack.

There are several collagen supplements that you can choose from including the TLC Collagen Complex, Collagen Plus, Collagene Pro, Collage, and Collagen Super.

If you want to see how collagen supplements stack up against other supplements, I suggest taking a look at the comparison chart below.