‘I’m not a racist, I just enjoy watching movies that I can’t read!’ — Kanye West

By now, you’ve probably heard that Kanye West is going to release a movie about a man named Jack, who is not black.

It seems to have been something he’s had in his mind for years, and was originally planned for a 2017 release.

But the man who’s played the role of Jack in several movies including The Fifth Element and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now saying that he doesn’t want to be part of it.

“I’m just not interested,” Kanye told The Guardian in an interview published today.

So he’s asking people to boycott it, he said.

The movie is set to premiere in Los Angeles on August 12, 2017, with a premiere date of the same day in New York City.

Kanye West is boycotting the movie.

pic.twitter.com/KZy2L6pz0G — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 12, 2019So why the change?

The short answer is because he’s been working on something else.

He’s releasing a documentary about himself called The Life and Times of Kanye West, which is also called The Kanye West Experience.

This is part of a new series of Kanye videos that are part of the “Yeezus” series of videos released by Kanye West and Kanye West Enterprises.

They’re all a mixture of clips from his music videos and interviews with him and his associates, as well as his own thoughts on his career and life.

Here are a few of the videos that he’s releasing in the series:Kanye is going on a tour, and he’s planning to open the film in New Zealand on September 15, with stops in Australia and Japan.

There are also plans for a film festival in New Orleans, but he hasn’t yet announced dates.

While the films are meant to be a celebration of the artist and his life, there’s also an element of self-awareness about his personal journey.

He’s said that he hasn-t made any decisions about his film, and is looking forward to sharing his story in the years to come.

“I’ve always said that I am a human being who is trying to figure out what it is that makes me me and how it has shaped who I am,” he said in the interview.

That is something he says that he hopes people will take into account when they watch the film.