Pink collagen, collagen and bulletproof collage blankets are here to keep you warm

A new range of collagen blankets has been created with a twist, designed to help you stay warm even in the face of the harshest conditions.

The product, called Pink Collagen and Bulletproof Collagen, is being launched by Pink Collage and Bullet Proof Collagen to give consumers the ultimate comfort and protection, with the help of a specially formulated blend of ingredients, which include collagen, anti-fungal agents and natural ingredients.

“These collagen blankets are designed to be worn in warm weather and with a wide range of natural ingredients such as hemp, hemp oil and bamboo, so they will keep you comfortable and warm throughout the day,” said co-founder and founder of Pink Collageman, Jennifer Jones.

“For many people, their skin needs extra warmth, so this collagen blanket can help you get that extra warmth you need, without compromising on quality.”

The pink colour is inspired by the Pink Floyd song Pink Floyd, while the collagen and anti-bacterial properties of the fabric make it easy to use as a sleeping bag, pillow and pillow cover.

“Pink Collagen is 100 per cent biodegradable, and is non-toxic and biodegradeable,” said Jones.

“Its very versatile and can be used to make blankets, blankets covers and blankets blankets sheets, making it a great product for all types of people.”

The range will be available at the launch of the pink collagen blanket at the Sydney Pink Expo on March 30, but can be ordered online for $20 each.

Pink Collagemen is available online at or by calling 1800 333 0001.

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