‘Diversity is our strength’: Harvard students celebrate diversity

Harvard students are celebrating diversity in their classrooms.

The Harvard University College of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) has announced its first annual Diversity Day, in which it is inviting students from across the Harvard College community to gather in the school’s historic Engineering Commons to celebrate diversity in the design, engineering, and technical workforce.

The event is part of Harvard’s commitment to “deliver a more diverse Harvard.”

“The diverse workforce at Harvard is our strongest asset, and this year we are celebrating our diversity with a new initiative called Diversity Day,” said Daniela Zaccaro, dean of Harvard College.

“Our commitment to diversity has been one of our strongest points, and we hope this is just the beginning of an ongoing effort to ensure that the next generation of engineers, designers, and thinkers are equally represented in our schools.”

“We know that the diversity of the Harvard community is a valuable asset for our campus and for our nation,” said the university’s President, Drew Faust.

“Diversity Day is an opportunity for students and faculty to learn more about how diversity and inclusion can be integrated into the fabric of our colleges, our businesses, and our societies.”

The first annual diversity event is expected to draw more than 300 participants.

Harvard has more than 2,400 undergraduates and graduate students.

More than half of the students are white.

The other half are Asian, Hispanic, and Black.