Obama: I’m Not a Hero – I’m an ‘American Warrior’

President Barack Obama said Monday he’s not a hero and that his “heroism” has not come from “the military” or “our troops.”

“I’ve never been a member of the military.

I’ve never gone to war.

I never even went to war in Afghanistan,” he said at the National Defense University.

Obama said he has never supported the use of military force against other countries.

“I believe in the American warrior, the American idea that we have to be willing to sacrifice our own lives, our own treasure for our country,” he told the gathering.

Obama, a former senator, also said that his first name is pronounced “Sha” and that he was born on the same day as George Washington, the first president to sign the Declaration of Independence.

“You’re going to hear some people say, ‘He’s not our president.’

That’s not true,” Obama said.”

My father was the first African-American president, so he’s been involved in the history of the United States for a long time,” Obama continued.

“And the reason I’ve been able to do that is because of the sacrifices my father has made, and that I have made in the last decade.”

So I don’t believe I’m a hero,” Obama added.