How to Use Liquid Collagen Shampoo with Biotin in Your Body

I’m a big fan of the Biotini Shampoo. 

The idea behind this shampoo is that you can apply a little bit of liquid collagen to your scalp and scalp gel and use that to treat your scalp, or to treat the scalp with liquid collagen and other ingredients. 

But I found it a little too clumpy and heavy for me, so I bought some of the cheaper, lower-quality versions. 

Now, there are cheaper options, but for me they’re just too heavy for my hair. 

I’m a little concerned about the clumps. 

And, if you have a long, thick, frizzy or uneven hair, you’ll want to avoid using the liquid collagen shampoo. 

So, instead, I tried the gel shampoo.

I don’t use the gel because it’s too heavy, and because it seems to have a little less clumps and it’s not as clumpy. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s a very good shampoo for a good price. 

Here are some of my results: Results  I’ve been using the gel to treat my hair, and I’m getting better results with each application. 

Some days I feel my hair feels really smooth and soft. 

Other days, I have my hair so thick that it makes my scalp itch and I feel itchy. 

What do you think? 

Do you need gel shampoo?

Or are you just happy to have it on your hair? 

(Thanks to @harryforjoe, @thesupernaturalharry, and @drewmacken for the heads up on this post!)